10 Jul2011

I see this quite often in my industry, especially with those article spammers that are out there. It’s pretty much a double edged sword, right?  You need to link to your website in order to make it rank.  Well, you go on a blogging spree, create some profiles, do some digging, etc etc. And you make your links.  Great job!

But there is a problem.

Those blogs/profiles/etc that you created are just THERE, not getting any love.  There is probably no natural link juice coming to them. And especially no keyword friendly link juice.  That “View Profile” link just doesn’t count.

You must link from other sources (“Link Love” in the graphic above) TO these blog posts and profiles (Good Link in the graphic above)  in order to get some authoritative juice to them and you have to tell Google what that page is about. For example, if you build a profile about “1950’s cars”,  then you should link to that profile (Good Link) with the appropriate keywords like “classic cars”, “1950’s cars”, etc etc. so that Google knows that PROFILE is about such things.

I can hear what you are saying. “But I don’t want my PROFILE to rank for anything.”  Of course not, but you still have to show the search engines that that profile has enough authority to be passing link juice BACK to the main site (Main Page) you ARE ranking for.

“Isn’t this alot of work?”  Of course it is! You think SEO is easy? haha. I’m not saying go all out and send all your links to the profile page or blog posts, but just make sure that the GOOD ones get recognized by linking to them every now and then.

HELPFUL HINT: I keep a spreadsheet with a list of Profiles, pages, blogs, etc, that I need to create links to.   Once I create a link to the page, I note the link. Once you get x number of links, you can quit with that one page and start on something else.

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