21 Jul2012

I see it over and over again….

A client contacts me for a website that is going to make them a million bones. They have all these great ideas, these master plans to sell their products or promote their services, these great concepts and notions that nobody has thought of before.

And they waste their money by having me build them a website.

Sorry to be brutal, but it is true.  Just because you make a website, doesn’t mean people are going to see it.   It takes MONTHS of heavy online marketing before someone can see it in Google, and that is pushing it.

Think of it like this, you go out and you print up 1000 business cards. “Sweet, I have 1000 ways to get my name out there!  This is going to rock!”  Then, you leave them sitting in your desk drawer and never put them in your pocket to distribute them.  The internet and the world wide web is the same way. If you don’t promote your website, NOBODY is going to see it. PERIOD.  There is no magic website fairy.

So, Why Does Nobody See My Website?

Now now, don’t be conceited. There are over 644 MILLION websites out there on the internet, you really think Google is going to pay attention to yours? YOUR website, that you JUST created. YOUR website that nobody is linking to, nobody is talking about, and nobody is using?  Your competition’s website has been around for 6 years, has 1334 facebook likes, and has over 400 links from OTHER websites out there pointing to it.  So…. yea… it’s a very simple equation.

Your website is entering into a popularity contest, and if you aren’t popular, then you might as well give up.

Ok, So How Do I Get People to See It?

Lots of ways.  I always tell startup business to treat your website as if it was a brochure you are handing out.  (yes, a physical tri-fold brochure).   TELL people about it via word of mouth, put it on your business cards, put it on your letter head, put it on your car for crying out loud.  Because let me tell you this: without actively promoting it through Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing, nobody is going to “stumble” onto your website. It just doesn’t happen. Someone needs to be building links, adding it to directories, creating relationships with other website owners, and ohhhhh so much more.  If you want to be found when someone types in “The Best Apple Pies”, then you better be willing to do a whole lotta leg work (and fork out some serious cash) in order for Google to put you in their top 10 results.

In Summary…

Unfortunately, your job isn’t done after you build a website. It will take lots of time and energy to make it a success.  You won’t show up in Google for MONTHS for the search terms that you want to rank for, especially without hiring a SEO (Search Engine Optimizer).  Heck, I have seen it take 4 weeks before Google even takes note of a website if you search for the exact www.websitename.com!  So just remember, if you want to be in the search engines, please budget for some SEO services as well. (And yes, I offer those.)

And chances are, if you read this entire article, I have sent it to you after you asked me “Why doesn’t my website show up when I look in Google?” Hopefully this helps.

And that… is my sales pitch.  Happy webbing!

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2 Responses to ““I built my website! But.. why does nobody see it?””

  • loxfin July 23, 2012 Reply to

    And when you do get people to your site you start to learn you didn’t want that type of traffic so chose your key words well….

  • Paul Hanak July 23, 2012 Reply to

    Very true. You don’t want to rank for a term that isn’t going to bring you business. You can be #1 for “apples”, but you are going to get a better return on investment if you rank for “buy apples” if you are selling them.

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