• 01. Web Design, the RIGHT Way

    So you need a website eh?  Well, the good thing is, just because you are a freelance Myrtle Beach website designer (ehrm, that’s me) that doesn’t mean you are limited to the Grand Strand area! A good portion of my clients are from miles and miles away! Some, I haven’t even met. But enough rambling. What makes my designs stand out is they are from scratch. Completely unique and customized for you and your business. No cookie-cutter designs here. And to be honest, I am a perfectionist.  So you know the final product is always to the best of my abilities!

    Basic 6 Page Web Designs start at $600.

    This includes contact forms with SPAM protection, basic SEO, browser compatibility check, a custom and unique design only YOU will have, you own @yourwebsite.com email addresses, guaranteed 99.8% uptime, and plenty more bells and whistles.

    Full FLASH Animation Site: starting at $1000

    Site Design With Shopping Cart: starting at $1200

    Photo Galleries, Slideshows, User Interaction,  and LOADS of other upgrades available, just ask for prices!

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  • 02. Logo Design & Brand Development

    Let’s face it, I can SAY I design logos all day long, but you really need some proof of that right? Why don’t you view my logo portfolio?  But what’s this Brand Development I speak of?   Your “brand” goes beyond just the logo. It is what speaks about your company, it’s the use of CocaCola red and McDonalds yellow. It’s the mood, feel and overall impression the user gets from your company. All of this is achieved through various parts of your business BEFORE they even contact you to place an order.

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  • 03. Business Cards, Flyers, Mailers, etc.

    With any business, you need a business card. You may even want brochures. What about flyers or even magazine layout?

    Yep, I can do that too.

    You want to stand out above the rest. You want to be sure you are remembered. Well, proper graphic design does that for you. Make sure you get it done right — and for the right price.

    I can offer graphic design for a fraction of what the competition charges. Go ahead. Get a quote. I’ll beat it and give you a quality product in return.

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  • 04. Social Networking / Facebook Page Creation

    Don’t deny it. All businesses need to Twitterface. (heh, a word I made up integrating Twitter and Facebook into a social networking interface.)  But what if you don’t know where to start?  Learning facebook and twitter can be rather overwhelming, but no worries, the set up is the hard part. Tweeting and Wall posting is not.  I can help you set up one of the best free marketing tools available today!  You will then be on the fast track to keeping tabs on and interacting with past customers, which turns into repeat customers, which turns into extra revenue.

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  • 05. Search Engine Optimization

    SEO, Search Engine Optimization, can be defined as a grueling process that is neither fun nor forgiving, neither easy nor simple, and it certainly isn’t a “click of a button, and you’re done” kind of thing.   SEO, especially in Myrtle Beach, is absolutely dreadful. Ask anyone! It’s hard work.

    And I love it.

    What you need to know about SEO is that is is 84% science, 15%popularity and 1% sheer dumb luck.  But if you want to get to the first page of Google, you need someone like me that knows his stuff and how to best optimize your site for both Google AND the user.  I could go on for hours on this subject. If you want me to, send me an email!

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Just ask this Myrtle Beach freelance designer!

Don’t see something listed? Send this guy an email!

Let’s face it. I could make my “things I do” list rather large, but I’d rather spend my time perfecting a client’s website. After all, they pay me more than I get bragging on myself. 🙂 You don’t see one of my services listed above? Just ask real quick and I would be more than happy to point you in the right direction.

I’ve been doing web design since we had 14.4kbit/s modems (original dialup modem in laymans terms).  So that puts it at about what, 1995?  If I were smart about it and knew what things were to come, I would have purchased the big domain names!  Could have been rich! But hey, we live and we learn, right?

I’ve been doing web design since modems made that funky screeching noise. I must be getting old, no?

Sorry, back on track.  I started my first website just for fun, full of animated bouncing balls, ugly red text on a black background and plenty more monstrosities. Now, I have evolved into using CSS3, jquery, and <insert more technical jargon here> to make my web site designs not only attractive, but user-friendly as well.  I am a FIRM believer that you need a functional website over one with high traffic counts.  Make your website CONVERT for you, not just sit there collecting dust. And a freelance website designer in Myrtle Beach can do just that.

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